FAQWhat are startup costs?
Jump Asian Express is a very cost effective brand to implement into your foodservice operation. Retail locations require a minimal one time
license fee plus monthly royalties. Other types of operations may be able to utilize our product purchase program.

How much space do I need?
The Jump Asian Express concept is very space efficient and flexible. A Jump retail location can operate with as little as 16 feet of counter frontage and 200 square feet of total operating space (excluding common freezer, cooler and work space). Serving Jump in your dining hall, cafeteria or buffet operation requires no special space and can be easily integrated into any professional kitchen.

Do you offer healthy choices?
Yes! We offer many healthy options to keep up with today’s health conscious consumer. All Jump Asian Express products have 0 Trans Fat and no added MSG. Choose from Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Low/Reduced Sodium options. We also offer Fit n’ Fresh entrées which contain less than 500 calories!

Are Jump Asian products available in my area?
Jump Asian Express products are readily available throughout the Mid-West and Eastern half of the U.S. and additional distribution areas
are being added on an ongoing basis. Contact us to inquire about the availability of Jump products in your area.